All Hail the Fire Lady!

She’s the occasional kidnapper, occasional heroine, but more than often always fiery – It’s the Fire Lady of Farfadel!

Why yes, her magnificence has now graced the page in … watercolor? What an odd medium for her!

All joking aside, I’m super pleased with how this painting came out. The Fire Lady is one of my most beloved characters in Farfadel (I would get messages from reader friends like “IT’S THE FIRE LADY!” when they finally met her in the pages), and I feel like I managed to capture her changeling personality in this piece. It may not be perfect, there are certainly technical errors in it, but I am allowing myself to be pleased!

But who is the Fire Lady? As I said, occasional kidnapper, occasional heroine. A friend of mine suggested ‘chaotic neutral’ and I find that suits her perfectly!

In a more technical sense, the Fire Lady is the youngest of the Great Ladies at the time of the ‘Tale of Two Queens’ and the ‘Tale of Adelaide and Shadow’. She was an apprentice to the Great Lady of the Mountains, but caused sufficient havoc to become her own Ladyship. How exactly she gained that title is still disputed, and has yet to be written.

So that means there is much mystery to her still! How did she romance her beloved Oracle? Why is she always fighting with the Fairy chief? And why oh why does she not hand out magical goats any more?

So much mystery! So much left to discover! And I am SO pleased to say that I am working on a trilogy of Farfadelian shenanigans with her -> her eminence the Fire Lady <- at the center of it. She isn’t the main character, but her character arc fuels the plotline like a gasoline trail. But maybe one day I shall write a tale with her as the main character! That would certainly be fun. Maybe a whirlwind romance, a tale that is tugging at my mind lately…

Anyways, I will return to painting portraits of my characters. I wish you all the best! Fellow writers: do you have any chaotic characters? Do your readers like them? Do you?


Lately, it’s been hard…

The world has been a chaotic place lately, and I’m not going to lie, it’s been getting me down. I’ve struggled a lot, watching live streams of you know what and then, in the ensuing days, getting updates on it from concerned friends. Then, horribly, seeing supposed friends laughing at the situation like it’s funny somehow.

In days like these, I either shut down completely or curl up and write Farfadel. My mind opted for the complete shutdown, and so functioning and anxiety has been difficult as of late.

And yet, when I asked a friend how they were coping, they told me that they were reading Farfadel. That it was helping them to cope. And when I asked them if there was anything I could do to help them, they asked me to speak of Farfadel.

I was incredibly touched that Farfadel, that happy place, could bring about such happiness and comfort to others. It’s my shining source of pride and happiness.

But I’m not here to brag (or am I?). Instead I would like to say several things on this topic.

Firstly, to all my author friends, don’t underestimate the importance of your writings. Stories have a unique power to heal, and your work matters.

Second, to anyone who is hurting right now, if you need somewhere happy and charming to go to, don’t be afraid to reach out. If it’s to ask for a free book so you can get through the next few days, if it’s for someone to talk to, please reach out. The world is not okay, and we need to be there for each other.

Finally, I would like to end on a cheerful note. As I posted on Facebook, I have finally gotten a hold of persimmon seeds! This means that this year I will be able to grow a little piece of Farfadel in my home. I’m so excited and can’t wait! I will definitely keep you all updated on the growth of these little seeds ❤

Take care everyone, especially of yourselves. Much love.


Farfadelian News

I like to think of myself as writing a newspaper set in the land of Farfadel whenever I sit down to write these posts. It’s a charming idea, quaint a little, and a way to reconnect with Farfadel.

But no, I am not about to write a full-scale monthly newspaper on the world of Farfadel (what an endeavor that would be!). I am, however, going to try and keep you all updated on the workings behind the scenes of Farfadel.

Several things are happening over in my world, in my mind. Namely, a trilogy set in the world of Farfadel (or more? A quadrology? Pentalogy?), several other Farfadel books set all over the timeline of Farfadelian things, and a Farfadelian coloring book (or two?).

Besides the world of Farfadel, of course, I am working on my children’s books projects in the ‘twolovebirds’ realm. For now, these are taking precedence. Yet, despite beign on the back-burner, Farfadel has been progressing.

The trilogy is nearly completed. That is to say, the work on the third book has begun and the first two are nearly complete and ready to publish. Ah! I just can’t wait to hear how you all receive this series. It’s a tad bit darker than the usual Farfadel shenanigans, and yet I find it so much more potent and poignant. The first two books in the series have already been proof-read and the reviews, so far, have been stunning! So, really, I am very excited to share this series with you all.

But I will only share once the finish line has been crossed. I’d hate to begin publishing without knowing if there is even an ending in sight! It would put too much pressure upon me to write that last book, and to make it all make sense. I’d much rather wait.

What else, lovelies? Well, there are several other Farfadel books in the works, two or three of them, actually. They are coming along very well, and I am pleased with their progress as well.

The coloring book, finally, is the one that is doing the best. It is nearly half-way finished, and is altogether growing adorably! I am aiming for a fifty page coloring book, and the theme has turned out to be about fairies, gnomes, and dragons. Oh, and flowers. There is lots of flowers in this here coloring book!

So, that is today’s updates, lovelies. I leave you with this picture, a coloring-in with markers I did of one of the pictures in the upcoming coloring book. For any of you who have read the ‘Tale of Two Queens’, you will recognize the dastardly hoe!

Haha, I wish you all a lovely day! Take care!


One Big Thank you!

Poverty is not usually a way to start off a post on gratitude, but for me it is.

Being poor, very poor, is something that shapes your outlook on life. You know what it’s like to go without – to whatever depth you have gone without. You know what it feels like to want something badly and not be able to have it, probably ever. You know what it’s like to feel the worrying gnaw in your stomach about … things related to money.

Living in today’s world, I tend to assume others are poor. Everyone, to some degree, feels a pinch. Or so I tell myself. That is why I constantly offer copies of my books to those who might not be able to afford it for themselves. I know what it’s like to want a lovely book, and feel like I’ll never be able to experience reading it.

So, when someone buys one of my books, I get teary-eyed. It’s not just a book sale for me. It’s someone spending some of their very little hard-earned money on my art. On my world. A sale, when you’ve been poor and known that pinch, and consider that others are feeling that pinch as well, is monumentous.

I don’t expect sales at all, to be frank. I wish for them, I hope for them, but I don’t expect them. It just wouldn’t be logical. Right now, I am a budding author, a trans author, and one who, lately, has spent very little time promoting their books. I have been busy with other projects, namely the ‘twolovebirds’ and have been slowly working on my self-organization skills in regards to managing my writing life.

The point of all this is that I’ve been astonished. Some people have felt my work worthy of looking at lately, and some even bought some! I’m so very, very, flattered. It is so very encouraging. It really makes me want to keep going, to be able to share more of Farfadel with you all.

So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here with me. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.


Coloring Book Update

The weather here is lovely, albeit a little gray. The wind is warm, the air fresh, and my lovely wife has gotten the stubborn fire to crackle warmly in our hearth. It is a lovely day, dears.

I am working on Farfadel’s coloring book lately, and it is going well. I am aiming for fifty coloring pages, and so far have about twenty sketched out I think. Pleasantly, I have plenty of ideas when it comes to drawing for this coloring book! There is always cute ideas for fairy silliness blossoming in my mind, and I am so happy for that! There is nothing worse for an artist than having no ideas, or not being able to express them.

One thing I am suffering from in this endeavor, however, is perfectionism. I want the lines to be absolutely perfect for you all, so inking is slow and anxiety-ridden. I know that this is not the wishes of Farfadel though, nor in the spirit of it. Farfadel is a happy yet imperfect place. So the coloring book will obviously be far from perfect, but hopefully bring joy and happiness to many nevertheless. I must be patient and gentle with myself.

I wish the coloring book would be ready for Yule, to be able to brighten up this month for you all! But I must not put pressure upon myself to make it done so fast. It will be for spring!

I will give you a sneak peek at the way it is shaping up though -> it is going to be fairy themed. I had thought to make it more generally Farfadelian, but it seems to want to be almost uniquely about fairies! So we shall see how that happens. Maybe I shall do one coloring book per realm, exploring the creatures and colors of each realm! That would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

Dears, I wish you all the best for the rest of this lovely day. I hope your weather suits your mood, and that your day is pleasant.

Much love to you all.


Coloring Book Coming Soon!!!

Hello lovelies!

The weather here is lovely. It is warm, the wind is breezy and light, and the sun is setting in a myriad of colors. But that is not the point of this post.

What is the point is that I wanted to officially announce that yes, I will be doing a Farfadelian coloring book. Hopefully it will be ready sometime for spring 2021. It will feature fairies, dragons, favorite characters from Farfadel, and lots of magical mushrooms! Because I love mushrooms, y’all, in a slightly obsessive way.

Anywho, I’ll be going back to editing and working on this website for Farfadel. If you have any questions or comments about Farfadel, I’d love to hear them!

Have a great day/evening, and lots of warm drinks!


Welcome Lovelies!

Hallo one and all, and welcome to the wonderful kingdom of Farfadel. Here you will find happy news, updates on all things Farfadel, and extra Farfadelian goodies! I can’t wait to share this world with you all, and look forward so much to your thoughts and feedbacks. 😊💕

Much love to you all,